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Is Coaching Right For You?

Are You Experiencing Any of These Common Challenges Regarding Relationships, Love, And Your Life?

If so, then allow me to show you how you can overcome any of these challenges with the right knowledge and powerful tools to help shift your life for the better. There is no better time than NOW.  It’s time to stop denying yourself the happiness and love you know you deserve.

Intimacy /connection issues, loss of passion: the relationship feels stagnant without any passion. It feels like a “roommate” situation. There is no playfulness or new adventures in the relationship. It feels boring. There are issues with intimacy, connecting, taking conversations and the connection deeper. A partner might withdraw when he/she feels he/she is getting closer. It’s relationship where everything feels more on the surface. There are not a lot of conversations about feelings and what’s really going on with each other.

Past unresolved issues: there is unresolved hurt, resentment, and other issues from the past that is keeping you from moving forward such as infidelity, family issues, ex-spouse interfering, or a feeling of betrayal. There might be a past event that your partner cannot get over.

Communication: you seem to desire the same things, but for some reasons, the conversation turns into an argument. Your partner doesn’t open up and express his feelings.  When it comes to particular topics such as sex, jealousy, needs, or family problems, your partner shuts down. You ask your partner not to do something and he continues to not to hear you. Your partner gets anxious, raises her voice, or gets easily defensive when you are attempting to rectify matters. It seems like your partner speak a completely different language and you don’t understand each other. You are living together but are not talking at all.

Repairing or separation/divorce: the relationship is constantly stressful and feels like a war zone. There is a lot of suffering and the couple is trying to figure out if the relationship is worth salvaging or not. They desire improvement and/or a healthier new perspective to approach it with more love, understanding, and healing, even if the relationship were to end.

Pre-marriage, new couple challenges: the relationship is going relatively well but there are some minor issues. The couple is seeing some old patterns surface and desire resolution to prevent future challenges. The relationship is new and you desire more clarity on values and the direction of the relationship. You want to make sure that getting married is the right thing for both of you. This coaching might be for reassessing the relationship or to just check in with your partner.

Transitional issues/new step kids, school, and community: the couple might have had a baby and is struggling for romantic time. The couple might be adjusting to motherhood and fatherhood. There are challenges such as dealing with lost of job or a death in the family. It might be a happy time for the couple but the adjustment and uncertainty such as moving to a new location is putting a strain on the relationship. Their schedules might be much different such as a partner is out of town a lot, going to school, or not available for other reasons. This might be a new blended family with step kids, new schools, and entire new environment.                  

Sexual challenges and improvement: the couple has sexual issues that appear to be the dominant in the relationship. These may be physical and/or emotional issues, and may be connected to early childhood or adult sexual trauma. They may manifest as sexual desire, sexual performance, sexual addiction issues or in some other negative manner. You want to rediscover your own sexuality in a healing and loving way to remove any blocks that are holding you back from being a superior lover. You would like to improve your bedroom skills, enhance your sex life, and bring more passion into lovemaking.

Healing a heartbreak: you are still hurt over a past relationship. You might be newly divorced and need guidance to move through the process. Maybe you are attempting to date new people but are experiencing pain, resentment, or other challenges from a past relationship. You recognize that a past breakup is interfering with your new relationship. You have been stuck for a long time, maybe years, and feel it is time to really move on with your life.

Single and dating tips: you haven’t been on the dating scene in awhile. You do not want to make the same mistakes. You see yourself falling into the same patterns and problems with different people you date. You are a little rusty with approaching, filtering, or engaging in conversations with new people. You feel as though you need more confidence and to learn better strategies to attract the right person.

Attracting your ideal lover: you are uncertain with the type of partner that you would like to attract. You feel fully available and ready to embark on a new journey toward meeting your ideal lover. You want more clarity including clearing out any old relationship paradigms that no longer serve you so you can attract what you deserve.

Inexperienced/just don’t know what to do: you haven’t had any long-term relationships or experience with commitment. You are inexperienced with meeting new people, sex, and intimate relationships. You are a widow/widower or just have been out of the scene for a long time and would like to sharpen your tools before entering the new world of dating.

Fear of losing yourself in a relationship: whenever you have gotten into a relationship you stop hanging out with friends, doing your regular routines, and follow through on your path. You become extremely emotional and distracted and can’t get your work done. You feel trapped or lose your independence. Your old stuff comes up and you do not like the person you become.

Self-improvement for women: becoming the empowered feminine woman: you desire to feel empowered and connected to your true feminine essence. You know you might have some resistance and fear letting go of control. You are ready to unleash your attractive and irresistible self by still being grounded and conscious of your choices. You are aware that you have been more in masculine and survival mode and wish to allow yourself to become a better receiver and honored as a woman. Maybe you feel you have been too strong for the men in your life and your heart desires a man who can adore and take care of you. You desire an equal partnership. You are independent, do not need a man, but you want to open yourself up to the infinite possibilities of love without losing yourself. You know there is more radiance and light to your BEING and you feel you have never tapped into the chambers of your heart. You want your body and heart to connect to the fullness of love.

Please fill out this form to assess where you are with your femininity in relationships.

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Self-improvement for men: becoming the heart-centered warrior man: you desire to be more in alignment with your path and be able to offer your deepest love to the world and your lover. Becoming grounded and fully present in your sense of self so you can become more attractive and loving is your purpose. You maybe realize that you are too feminine or do not handle emotions very well and would like better direction to be able to stay conscious and more mindful during stressors in life and your relationships. You have a deep desire to tap into your inner hunter so you can be more assertive, confident, and a leader for work and your community. You desire to come more from a selfless place and walk your talk. You want to become a strong man and let go of some of your negative boyish traits. You desire to not be afraid of commitment and want to become better with following through. You want to learn how to say NO or YES with authenticity and staying true to your SELF.


Please fill out this form to assess where you are with your masculinity in relationships.

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What Dr. Ray’s relationship coaching is not intended for:

  • Those who are not willing to accept accountability and take control of their lives.
  • Those who just want to complain about their problems without truly wanting to change.
  • Those who are closed minded and stubborn with their thinking.
  • Those who are determined to hang onto past negative beliefs and/or those who wronged them.
  • Those who are not willing to take chances and try new things.
  • Those who do not want to discover their true potential and do the work to better themselves.
  • Those who will settle for mediocre relationships.
  • Those who do not care to have a passionate, exciting, and thriving relationship.

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