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Relationship Counseling with Dr. Ray

Relationship Counseling that goes beyond the limitations of traditional therapy to bring you life changing results faster…



This is your life…your love…your happiness at stake…If you want to experience real change it takes real work. The WholeMind’s approach is designed for those who are not satisfied with anything less than rapid life changing results and are willing to explore activities, exercises, and work that go beyond merely the “Sitting And Talking” experienced with many other therapists…


I Believe That You Deserve…

  • To receive real answers to your questions and clarity in how to move through your personal challenges with zero judgement
  • To not spend years in therapy only “processing” your problems, but to go beyond mere talking and do real work to rapidly overcome your challenges…sometimes in as little as one session
  • To experience deeply positive emotional shifts in your perceptions about yourself and your world that will open new doors and possibilities
  • To be shown a clear path that leads you away from pain, grief, and negative influences
  • To be given simple tools you can keep with you your entire life to always keep you in alignment
Michelle M.
Michelle M. El Segundo, CA
With other therapists I’ve seen, sometimes it seems like just talking and talking, waiting for the clock to signal the hour is over, in order to come back next week and “work” on problems. With Dr. Ray, it was just the opposite. He was immediately focused on practical insights and tools to help me. He offered me a deeper understanding of myself, and got to the heart of the matter with me within a matter of minutes. He also offered some very helpful resources (books/audio programs) to study at home which I was extremely grateful for.

Yes Dr. Ray! I’d Like To Learn More About How You Can Help Me…Even if I’ve Been In Therapy For Years With Very Little Results…

Relationship Counseling with Dr Ray Doktor


Using my years of experience with over 5,000 clients, I can help you overcome diverse issues including:

  • Intimacy /connection issues, loss of passion
  • Past unresolved issues
  • Communication
  • Repairing or separation/divorce
  • Pre-marriage, new couple challenges
  • Transitional issues/new step kids, school, and community
  • Sexual challenges and improvement
  • Healing a heartbreak
  • Single and dating tips
  • Attracting your ideal lover
  • Inexperienced/just don’t know what to do
  • Fear of losing yourself in a relationship
  • Self-improvement for women: becoming the empowered feminine woman
  • Self-improvement for men: becoming the heart-centered warrior man

Disclaimer: Sessions are complimentary to healing arts services in the State of California with accordance to the Senate Bill 577. Sessions are not to be construed as psychotherapy or by a licensed medical practitioner.




Elizabeth H.
Elizabeth H. Las Vegas, NV
I am lucky enough to have found Dr. Ray’s services the best I have personally ever encountered. His enlightening teachings and perceptive nature have given me the tools I need to make significant positive changes in my life. I can reassuringly say that today, I am a much happier and more confident person than I was previous to seeing Dr. Ray. To call him only a doctor is a disservice to his vast abilities. He is a teacher, a scholar, a spiritual adviser, a life coach, and most of all – a warm heart and friendly heart.

Kristen W.
Kristen W. Los Angeles, CA
…his approach is non-traditional and gets to the core issues much more quickly and seamlessly than with conventional therapy. Each time I meet with him I am increasingly amazed at his thoughtful perspective. He is kind, empathetic, insightful, and wise beyond his years. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with him. Through our conversations, guided meditations, and recommended “homework” I feel so much more healthy and alive.
Tammy R.
Tammy R. Los Angeles, CA
I don’t know where I’d be right now, if I hadn’t placed that call. But I do know this; my perspective has shifted immensely in a very short period of time, I look toward the future with a sense of renewal, and that none of that would have happened at this moment, if it hadn’t been for Dr. Ray
Shell J.
Shell J. Venice, CA
The work we did was absolutely amazing and I overcame so many negative beliefs I had about myself, relationships and the world that had been preventing me from fully enjoying life and being happy. I have been to many therapists, spiritual healers and counsellors and he by far tops the lot! He has drastically changed my life for the better and helped me find the real me, I feel the difference everyday. Highly highly recommend Dr Ray!!!

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Relationship Counseling with Dr Ray Doktor



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