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Self-improvement For Men: Becoming The Heart-Centered Warrior Man

You desire to be more in alignment with your path and be able to offer your deepest love to the world and your lover. Becoming grounded and fully present in your sense of self so you can become more attractive and loving is your purpose. You maybe realize that you are too feminine or do not handle emotions very well and would like better direction to be able to stay conscious and more mindful during stressors in life and your relationships. You have a deep desire to tap into your inner hunter so you can be more assertive, confident, and a leader for work and your community. You desire to come more from a selfless place and walk your talk. You want to become a strong man and let go of some of your negative boyish traits. You desire to not be afraid of commitment and want to become better with following through. You want to learn how to say NO or YES with authenticity and staying true to your SELF.