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Self-improvement For Women: Becoming The Empowered Feminine Woman

You desire to feel empowered and connected to your true feminine essence. You know you might have some resistance and fear of letting go of control. You are ready to unleash your attractive and irresistible self by still being grounded and conscious of your choices. You are aware that you have been more in masculine and survival mode and wish to allow yourself to become a better receiver and honored as a woman. Maybe you feel you have been too strong for the men in your life and your heart desires a man who can adore and take care of you. You desire an equal partnership. You are independent, do not need a man, but you want to open yourself up to the infinite possibilities of love without losing yourself. You know there is more radiance and light to your BEING and you feel you have never tapped into the chambers of your heart. You want your body and heart to connect to the fullness of love.