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What Is The Difference Between Love, Falling In Love, And Sexual Attraction?

What Is The Difference Between Love, Falling In Love, And Sexual Attraction?

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by Ray Doktor


Love is the experience of oneness. You love your best friend including his idiosyncrasies. There is no sexual attraction but you could cuddle or hug him.
You might love art, music, or being in a certain place. This experience might feel spiritual as if there is no separateness from that which you love.

Falling in love is more of an exclusive process when connecting to a person on a deeper energetic level. You feel every part of yourself invested in the person and might feel that the relationship is karmic. You are drawn toward the person and experience.

Sexual attraction and polarity is an arch of energy that forms between a negative/feminine and positive/masculine poles. If you think of electricity, it is the same thing. When negative and positive currents join together, it creates electricity. Sexuality polarity created is when one person is in her feminine and another person is in his masculine. This doesn’t mean that the energy is in the genitals but more in our entire bodies.

We have all experienced loving someone and finding her to be physically attractive but there is no sexual attraction. I am sure you have experienced liking a man and all his good qualities but seem to be more attracted to the bad boy or masculine type. You might have been in a relationship when he lost his job and was feeling sorry for himself and you lost your sexual attraction to him. Many guys including myself have felt repulsion toward a woman who was acting more like a “dude” even though she was extremely attractive.

We can love someone but feel no sexual attraction toward him at all. We can have sexual attraction toward a person and not be in love with her. Moreover, our attraction can fizzle out due to life challenges and circumstances changing. A person whom we love unconditionally, are in love with, and are sexually attracted to would be our ideal match. Creating sexual polarity in a relationship can be taught if two people learn how dance in their true masculine and feminine essences. There are no guarantees since love, falling in love, and sexual attraction is still a mystery.


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